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Nuggets. Nope, not chicken nuggets - although they sound delicious right about now and do hit the right spot. Okay, I can take a hint, I will stop being Dory. We all have that internal critic, I have named mine Gertrude. You see, Gertrude used to have a tendency to deflate my confidence and make me question myself until I learnt how to shut her up without gagging her.

The secret formula to silencing your inner Gertrude (without choking her), take a look...

“It really was all my fault. I shouldn’t have opened my mouth”. Was it really your fault? Have a listen..

“One day, I will show my bully how wrong they are about me. I will get my revenge.” Here is how to get your revenge:

“I just want to fit in and be accepted by everyone around. I hate being singled out.” Here is how you fit in:

“There is something wrong with me, that is why I am being bullied. That is why bullies came into my life.” If you have ever thought this, here is my answer:

“Forgive and forget - that is what everyone says I should do. Hmpf, is that even possible? It would mean that I am okay with what my bully did to me. Hell no, I am not okay with it.” The ultimate absolution:

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