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This was incredibly moving and I find it truly remarkable that you were able to develop a step-by-step guide for those inflicted by bullying. I believe this book is a game-changer in the approach to bullying. I am a fan.” Hollywood Times Celebrity writer Jules Lavallee.

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Marie Sola - President and Founder, Daughters of Change

“Helpful techniques that are actually doable and make sense.  If I was a young person being bullied and read this book, I would feel inspired and hopeful.  If I was a parent of a child being bullied, I would feel like there were things I could do to help – and have a better understanding of how my child was feeling.”

Raphaela Filopoulos, Grade 9, South Africa

“I highly recommend this book for all teenagers and not only those who are being bullied because of the valuable lessons and tools shared by the author. More importantly, I feel teachers need to read this book as they can apply the techniques recommended to help children who are being bullied because traditional ways of handling bullying are no longer effective and are outdated. What teachers don’t realise is the impact they have on their students, they can make or break them. This book is an ideal source of valuable guidance for both teachers and students.”

Arun Sadasivam, Paediatrician, UK

“With over two decades of experience as a paediatrician, I couldn’t write a book on this subject with the passion shown by Kalyani from start to finish. Kalyani’s elaborate solutions to each aspect of bullying comes as a breath of fresh air to readers. Her suggestions will go a long way in helping many children understand themselves better. Kalyani is an impressive example of grit, commitment and perseverance for teens. This book, without a shadow of doubt, will help many children introspect, realize their full potential and improve their self-esteem – a giant step to tackling bullying.”

Faith Rodriguez, Energy Healer and Psychic Medium, USA

I loved this book! Bullying can happen in many different places, not just in schools and with people of all ages. A lot of people don't get help and some are hurt or embarrassed to ask for help. In this book, Kalyani Pardeshi shares different steps to help heal from the hurt that can come from being bullied.


 master each in only two to five minutes a day and emerge as unbullied.

““I don’t want to speak to anyone, what

if the bully retaliates?"


“No one will believe me.”

“If I ignore it, the bullying will stop.”

“I will just keep saying ‘stop’, eventually, the bully will listen.”

“Maybe, my bully is right about me…”

Am I echoing your internal dialogue?

5 minutes of your time is all I need:

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