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Are you mean to yourself? Do you speak harshly to yourself? This worksheet can help you

Discover your Intangible Drivers, the WHY and HOW of who you really are

Did you know that being mean to yourself and self-bullying aren't the same? This is a brief explanation of the difference between the two and the role of our brains in each

 One of the reasons I would recommend this course is how unique and practical it is. I like how the course teaches participants how to take charge of their situation. Knowing how to use your conscious and unconscious brain is something that most people don’t get taught. Kalyani's course gives you the tools and teaches you how to understand yourself. 

If you are considering working with Kalyani, I will tell you to run after her before someone else gets her attention. Seeing Kalyani's level of energy throughout the delivery of this workshop was just amazing. I think this course is designed and delivered at a level where a child would understand, and that is the catch for me. Most participants echoed the same views."

Angelina Atsimbom (MACP, C.C.C)

Family Liaison Officer (FLO)
Calgary Military Family Resource Centre


"I had the honour of seeing Kalyani deliver her powerful TEDx talk at TEDxCalgary - as a professional speaker myself, I can confidently say that Kalyani is skilled in connecting with her audience through storytelling and stage presence. Modelling vulnerability and courage, her personal story of overcoming self-bullying was deeply moving to me. She knows what she's talking about. I also had the privilege of having her as a guest speaker in my Connection Club program where she shared her insights on our Intangible Drivers and how it makes us unique. It turns out we are both Compassion-Servers, which helped me to better understand myself and also recognize the gifts that Kalyani has to offer to the world!"

Richard Lee-Thai, Connection Consultant, Keynote speaker and  Workshop Facilitator

"I was surprised that such a thing as self-bullying exists. Although all of us, to one degree or another, can bring ourselves to an extremely difficult state. Kalyani knows from experience what bullying and self-bullying are. She is very flexible and can tailor her material to any audience. She is also very open and frank, which always makes her listeners feel at ease."

Marina Egorycheva, Team Leader and mother to a teen

"Kalyani's recent appearance on my LinkedIn live show, "Catherine's Corner," was truly remarkable as she shed light on the hidden messages behind current anti-bullying techniques taught in schools. Her insightful discussion encompassed strategies to bring about change in these approaches, along with emphasizing a crucial detail that all targets of bullying should be aware of.

The wealth of positive comments we received from our audience is a testament to the impact of Kalyani's expertise and the importance of her message. I wholeheartedly recommend Kalyani as a speaker for any event that would benefit from her profound insights and passion!"

Catherine Mattice, Workplace Bullying Expert




Do you think it is important to fit in? What does that feel like? Does it feel like trying to force a marshmallow into a piggy bank’s coin slot? That is how I felt. From a very early age, I learnt that my actions and accomplishments were more significant than my true self.


Thus commenced an unending cycle of self-criticism and self-bullying, as I tried in vain to transform into a person of significance. I failed to recognise the signs of self-bullying because they were disguised as motivation. The straw that broke the camel's back was realising how unhappy I was despite having achieved so much. 

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