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The dreaded "I" word - ignore. What if you didn't have to tell your child to ignore their bully? What if they could be enlightened with tools empowering them to overcome bullying without resorting to tactics used by the bully? What if your child could have their power back? Enabling them to walk away with their head held high sans wobbly knees. Yes, all of this is possible!

Holding Hands

Fear, hopelessness, anger, embarrassment, humiliation, sadness, broken confidence and disempowerment. Imagine being told to stand on top of a tall building despite being afraid of heights. This is the same fear a child who is being bullied wakes up to.


Fear: “What will the bully do to me today? I am powerless, there is no hope for me. Why is this happening to me?” Words that a bullied child says to themselves over and over.

In such a situation, how does a child “stick up for themselves and tell a trusted adult?”

This is where I come in - I teach your child how to stand up to bullies fearlessly and take their power back, instilling authentic self-confidence which radiates from within your child. Picture it - your child feeling free, joyous, excited, empowered, confident and in charge of their own destiny. What would that look like? What would it feel like? For your child and for you?

Sign up for a  private consultation. We will  address the top 5 problems your child is battling around bullying. I will work with your child and provide tailor made solutions to their unique issues around bullying

1hr | $499



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