The dreaded "I" word - ignore. What if you didn't have to tell your child to ignore their bully? What if they could be enlightened with tools empowering them to overcome bullying without resorting to tactics used by the bully? Enabling them to walk away with their head held high sans wobbly knees.

Holding Hands

I teach the following masterclasses:

• Verbal bullying 

• Social bullying 

•Physical bullying


•The Loudspeaker

Each masterclass covers various techniques I have developed such as the UPR, the Somersault, the CPH amongst many others equipping your child with short term and long-term solutions. 

I teach both because I feel one cannot heal from bullying by covering it up with building self-confidence. That is like placing a band-aid over an infected wound that needs to be treated. My approach to bullying is tackling it both ways - from the outside in and from the inside out.

Each masterclass comes with a workbook for your child to review the techniques learnt during the masterclass and customise them to their own unique situations.