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I received a Book Excellence Award!

I was 10 years old when I first started writing seriously. What kick started the writing was trauma - the trauma of others. That very year, a family friend was killed in a car accident and I had befriended a girl a year older than me, who, at the tender age of 3, lost both her parents and her only brother in a car accident. Being an emotional empath, I felt their pain. I needed an outlet, desperately so and thus I turned to writing.

By the time I was in high school, I clearly remember being told to give up writing by my Grade 11/12 English teacher. She told me I lacked imagination and creativity, basically, she implied that I wrote like an elementary school aged kid. I was discouraged enough to stop writing for many, many years - decades in fact.

My love for writing reignited a few years ago when I started sharing motivational posts and this eventually led to writing an eBook, co-authoring another book and finally self-publishing my own book. Of course, I doubted my path, many, many times but the universe always has ways to show up for us. I got my sign.

I am incredibly excited to announce that I have been recognised as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for my book, Unbullied! 14 Techniques to Silence the Critics, Externally and Internally in the Personal Growth and Development Category.

Out of hundreds of books that were entered into the Book Excellence Awards competition, my book was selected for its high quality writing, design and overall market appeal.

To view my complete award listing, you can visit:!/Unbullied-14-Techniques-To-Silence-the-Critics-Externally-and-Internally-Personal-Growth-and-Development/p/311365183/category=88055011) .

The book was released in 2019 and is about bullying - tools and techniques you can use to silence your critics - those that are in your environment and that particular one that resides within you - your inner critic.

The book is perfect for teenagers and their parents.

You can get a copy for yourself at

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